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A Portfolio of Impressive Websites

Presented here is a list of Impressive Websites. Most single-page websites can be custom designed for $100 and be up and running very quickly. Additional pages can be designed for as little as $50 each. You may want to consider pages such as Contact Info, About Us, and Products & Services (with pictures). Start small and add on later to stay within your budget.
Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-sized websites.

Impressive Websites
Impressive Web Designs

This was a website owned by Impressive Websites used to showcase some very good sample website designs. A must see.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

Paul Sharrow, CPA
Paul G. Sharrow, C.P.A., P.C.

An accounting office website designed from a business card.
This is a Simple and Effective example of a $100 website.
A huge selection of type fonts, colors and background textures are available.

Main Street Credit Repair
Main Street Credit Repair

A credit repair company located in southeast Michigan. This site has several pages and is a very good example of a simple business website. The original website was designed by an online website design program and had a lot of extra overhead code - over 290 files. It was completely re-designed and re-coded, keeping a similar look as the original. There are now fewer than 70 files.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

Superior Shower Door and Mirror
Superior Shower Door and Mirror

A supplier and installer of euro-style and framed shower doors and custom mirrors. A small Livonia, MI, company with over 20 years experience. Now they have a nice informative business website for a reasonable cost.

The home page has a really great slide show that I programmed to be very easy on the eyes.

Now this one was tough. As of Sept. 12, 2011, a Google search for Shower Doors Livonia shows Superior Shower Doors on the first page. Impressive Websites SEO in action.

Americana Resource Recovery & Reuse Americana Resource Recovery & Reuse
Located in Farmington Hills, MI, they are a supplier of old wood. Really old wood. Like barn wood. They have tons of old wood beams, siding and planking recovered from old dismantled barns.

A long time ago, a Google search for Barn Wood Farmington Hills put this site at the top of the first page of search results.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

Qwik Stitch
Qwik Stitch

An embroidery business website in Raleigh, NC. It is a very successful and informative website for local customers. The search engines place it right on top of the first page. Impressive Websites made that happen.

Go to Google and search for Raleigh Embroidery and see Qwik Stitch on the top of the search results. I did that without spending a dime on advertising.

Qwik Stitch
Trinity Campers

This is a large multi-page website for a church camping group. It has a lot of picture pages and campground maps.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

St. Colman Church
St. Colman of Cloyne, Catholic Church

A stylish church website with numerous pages.

This is a multi-page website that has a long home page with different news boxes that are easily edited every week.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

St. Gerald Church
St. Gerald, Catholic Church

A church website with numerous pages.
There is a full sub-website inside for the Knights of Columbus.

This is a multi-page website.

Darge Family
Darge Family

A family website with numerous pages. The genealogy pages have a slick layout and navigation scheme.
This site is under constant reconstruction.

Raleigh Embroidery
Raleigh Embroidery

An example of a simple jump page that redirects the viewer to another company website after the countdown timer reaches 0.

If you have registered multiple domain names and want all of them to redirect to your main home page, this is a great way to accomplish that task.

Qwik Stitch

Darge Services, LLC

A simple corporate home page with a very cool logo.

This website no longer exists on the internet.

919 Embroidery
919 Embroidery

An embroidery business website in Raleigh, NC. that caters more to clients that place larger orders.
They are experts in embroidery on leather motorcycle jackets, vests, armbands and wristbands.

919 Embroidery 2nd logo

919 Embroidery secondary

This is just an example of a classy looking wooden plaque logo.

Darge.us home page

Alan Darge

This is my personal website with some really interesting information.

This is an example of a very long home page.

You should check out the header to see the changing fonts. No, it was NOT done with Flash.

The site navigation menu uses a scheme that is simple, old-school, and very informative for this application. Not at all elegant, but very practical.

Go ahead, I dare you to Google for Alan Darge. I own the first couple pages and then some of the search results. I'm telling you, I know how to build a technically superior website.

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