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Validating and Testing Web Pages

There are a number of tests you can run to determine how well a web page is designed for compatibility with different web browsers such as Internet Explorer and FireFox. All web pages designed by Impressive Websites are verified to display properly in both of these most popular browsers.

A very important and growing segment of internet users are visually impaired persons who are using screen readers to guide their journey through the web. Impressive Websites carefully designs its pages so they will pass accessibility verification.

How important is it to have a website that passes all of these tests? Impressive Websites believes it is VERY IMPORTANT.

Go ahead, have some fun! Run the below tests on a website that you think looks good. All pages designed by Impressive Websites will pass.

Validating the XHTML

You can visit W3C HTML and XHTML Markup Validation Service to check the validity of any website page. Try it on your favorite site. All web pages better pass this test or they may not display properly.

Validating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheets can be validated at W3C CSS Validation Service. If a web page uses CSS, it better pass this test or it may not display properly.

Check the Spelling

It's a flat-out embarrassment to have spelling errors on a web page that the whole world can see. All pages designed by Impressive Websites are checked by Dreamweaver's spell checker.
Website Spell Checking Service
Net Mechanic Spell Checker

Testing for Accessibility

This testing is very difficult to pass at a high level. You will see lots of warnings and suggestions which looks a bit scary at first. Level AAA shows the most.
TAW - Web Accessibility Test

Meta Tag Analyzer

Are Meta tags important? I think they are. Take a look at the Meta tags on all of my pages. Search engines love this stuff. Test any page at the Meta Tag Analyzer site.

Turn Off the Style Sheets

Can a page be read if the Style is turned off? Try it. There should be an orderly flow of readable, understandable text and graphics down the page. This is not rocket science, but it is CSS science.

Turn Off the Downloading of Images (Pictures and Graphics)

What does a page look like if the Images don't download? Try it. You should be able to read all of the text and it should be complete and understandable. Too many web designers are using graphic images to display important text. Without alternative hidden text, this information is not available to the viewer. And, of course, visually impaired users get nothing. This situation will never happen on any page designed by Impressive Websites.

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