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Steps to owning your own Impressive Website

This page is dedicated to educating you about what you need to know and do to own your own website. The information presented here applies to all websites, big or small, personal or business. There are quite a few steps involve; some you can do by yourself and some I will have to do for you.

Some or all of this can be too complicated and confusing for you. If you really don't want to take any of the do-it-yourself steps to creating a website, I can do it all for you and send you an annual invoice for maintenance. Convenient, and you can do what you do best. Just give me a call.

So that you will have a better idea of what's involved, you should read the following.

At a bare minimum, please read this section

This is what you will need, no matter what:
  • You need a good, permenant and reliable email address that you monitor on a regular basis. Important messages about your website will be sent here. If you miss the message, your site may disappear.
  • You need a Domain Name that you own for your website (see the Domain Names page). Don't let another company register the domain name for you with their name as owner. You won't own it.
  • You need an internet service provider (ISP) to host your website after it is created. You should know who this is if another company is handling all of youir website development and maintenance.
    Impressive Websites highly recommends 1and1.com to host your site.
  • You need a good credit card to pay for registration of the domain name and hosting the website (if you do it yourself).

Now, if you understand the above, continue onto the next section.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to follow to get a simple website up and running:

  1. Learn as much as you can about domain names by visiting my Domain Names page. You'll be able to put together a better domain name for your business if you know the basics.
  2. Now, dream up a domain name - use your business name. You may need several possible names (see next step). Be creative. Don't make the name confusing.
  3. Check the availability of your first choice domain name at 1and1.com. Don't be surprised if that name has already been taken. You need a name, so keep going until you have one or more that are available from which to choose.
  4. Create an account with 1and1.com for registering the domain name and hosting your website. You're going to want to select the cheapest Linux hosting package they offer. You can always upgrade later. Be sure to use a good email address that will be monitored frequently. Important emails and billing info will be sent to this address by 1and1.
  5. Register the domain name with 1and1.com. If you want, you can create your own email address now with your new domain name. When finished, your new web pages can be uploaded to your 1and1 web space.
  6. Gather all the information that you want to put on the website. Keep it simple for now with a well-written, brief description of your business including the products and services you offer, Your location, contact information, store hours, etc.
  7. You must then email a summary of this information to Impressive Websites. Include a copy of your company logo (jpg or gif file). If you don't have a company logo, Photoshop and I can help you.
  8. Discuss your design details for a home page with Impressive Websites. You may want to start planning the design of additional pages.
  9. Get a price for your home page design. If the page isn't too complicated, it may only be $100.
  10. Impressive Websites will develop a proof of your website and contact you with the results for your approval.
  11. Once approved, you must pay for the initial website design services.
  12. The finished home page will be uploaded and available for public viewing a.s.a.p.
  13. Minor changes may be made to the page free of additional charges for 30-days. Maybe longer.
  14. Info about your new website will then be sent to Google,Yahoo and Bing so that someday soon your site will show up in search results. And that's what really counts.

Once again, if all of this is too confusing and you really don't like the do-it-yourself part as described above, I can do it all for you and send you an annual invoice. Convenient, and you can do what you do best. Let's talk.

Note: This page is a good example of an additional page to your website that would only cost $50 if you supply all of the content text. The logo header would be the same for all pages and its design may be extra.
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