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Site Map of Impressive Websites

Here you will find a quick way to see a map of this entire website and be able to click on a link to quickly jump to the information you are seeking.

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Home Page
About Impressive Websites
Who is Impressive Websites and what makes a website technically superior
Steps to an Impressive Website
Website creation education is the main theme of this page. The bare minimum that you should know and the step-by-step procedure to follow to get a simple website up and running.
Domain Name Selection and Registration
Validating and Testing Web Pages
Validating the XHTML code in a web page
Validating Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Check the spelling to avoid embarrassment
Testing for accessibility
Meta tag analyzer
Turn off style sheets to see if the page is readable
Prices for Impressive Website Services
What it costs for a technically superior Impressive Website.
Portfolio of Impressive Websites
Links to websites designed by Impressive Websites
Contact Information
The owner of Impressive Websites, mailing address, phone number, email address
Tools - Any Color You Want
Color Samples
A table of sample colors
Color Scheme Samples
See what the colors will look like in a sample website
Color Scheme Generator
A great tool to generate a scheme of harmonious colors
Pay for Services
Pay for Website Services - Send money via PayPal
Send an eMail inquiry to or call 248-747-4750
use the Contact Form to request more information